Our projects

Learning Hub Friesland partners with educators in the region and helps them to set up and manage European projects with innovators from across the continent. Although the students taking part in our projects range from primary to higher education and the topics we tackle can be anything from music festivals to electric vehicle charging, they all have one thing in common: connecting Friesland to the rest of Europe. 

Culture United

Culture and heritage, School education, Social inclusion

Culture United utilizes cultural events and heritage festivals as a driver to embed multidisciplinaryways of teaching in primary schools.

Kevin & Daniel

Adult education, Social inclusion, Employability, Active citizenship

Helping newcomers and those with difficulty finding jobs in Friesland to find work or start their own business.

Young Social Makers

Social inclusion, Vocational education, School education, Active citizenship

Vocational students designing new products and solutions to boost social inclusion of those with special needs.


Adult education, Social inclusion, Digital technologies

Increasing the ability of educators working with low-skilled, low- qualified adults to use digital learning strategies and tools.

Migrant Community Mediators

Adult education, Social inclusion, Active citizenship

MCM is a participatory adult education initiative to upskill and empower representatives of migrant communities to become agents for advancement in migrant integration and social inclusion as Migrant Community Mediators.

Digital Tutors

Vocational education, Digital technologies, Social inclusion

Digital Tutors aims to help schools upskill their teachers to well-equipped online tutors.

Story Valley

Active citizenship, Culture and heritage, Social inclusion, Digital technologies, Vocational education

The Story Valley project uses oral history as a driver for improving literacy skills, preserving cultural heritage and enrich it with oral history and heritage of other cultures.

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